Our Story

Howdy from the Galkins!

How it all started…

After twenty years of traveling full time helping churches across the country, it seemed God was leading our family to settle down in Salt Lake City and help with church planting. My oldest (of five) was a Senior in High School and we were really wondering how we were going to go about raising money for college in the midst of this big life transition. This is when Crossfield Doodles entered the Galkin family and the family dynamic has forever changed. I received a call from a college friend who  lives in Pennsylvania.  Christy Scheiderer (founder of Crossfield Doodles) let me know that one of her favorite breeders (Merlin – a blue merle mini labradoodle) had to move out to SLC and she wondered if we would be interested in helping start a branch of Crossfield Doodles out West! So there you have it. We brought two of her choice female labradoodle breeders out west. The puppies have added a beautiful completion to our family. The kids absolutely love them and my youngest daughter’s dream of having puppies has come true.

We are only a few years in, but Crossfield Doodles is tried and true. They have spent years of breeding the best quality doodles, specializing in temperament, health, and a rich colored coat. Now with this expansion West, more and more families can experience the joy and companionship of an exquisite Crossfield Doodle! 

Chelsea and Livy traveled with us our last year on the road and are now seasoned travelers. Their names represent our family’s top two English Premiere Soccer (EPL) teams — Chelsea and Liverpool. Yes, there is a bit of rivalry, and our children make sure of the dogs’ loyalties. 

These medium and mini labradoodles are the sweetest, spunkiest puppies. They are hypoallergenic which was a must because our youngest daughter struggles with asthma. Their companionship and love have been therapeutic for our family and have added a sweet dynamic to our home.

We are looking forward to sharing with you all the joy, friendship, and adventure that come along with labradoodles as we grow the Crossfield Doodles West program!

Come and receive the Crossfield Doodle experience! You will not only fall in love but will gain a friend for life.



Our Story July 22, 2015