Crossfield Colors

What Color?

We’ve produced this instructive video to help you navigate the world of Classy Colors at Crossfield Doodles.  Enjoy!

Solids include: Black, Chocolate, Red, Caramel & Cream

Parti refers to a Partial color mix.  Thus, Brown and White Parti is 50/50 Brown and White; Black and White Parti & Red and White Parti follow.  We take great care in our Parti breeding to breed as close to the 50/50 standard.  Parti breeding must be attended to with full knowledge of color genetics.  We have done our homework as breeders so you can be proud of the look of your doodle!

Rare colors is our specialty!!  If you are looking for something new and well-patterned, you will want to get on a list as a first or second pick–Usually about 8 months ahead of puppy’s arrival!  We have produced some lovely Sable, Phantom and Merle doodles.

Crossfield Colors November 3, 2017